We don’t hold auditions, and we encourage players of high school proficiency and above to join. Our aim is to play a mixture of light-hearted and more challenging pieces. The emphasis is on playing music in a fun and welcoming environment. Most new members come along for a rehearsal to see if they fit the band. You can choose to be in any combination of concert, marching, and pep band that you prefer.

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The pieces we play utilize the following instruments:

    Brass: euphoniums/baritones, french horns/mellophones, trumpets, trombones, tubas/sousaphones

    Percussion: bass drums, cymbals, keyboards (bells, chimes, marimba, xylophones, etc.), snares, quads, timpani, tri-toms

    Woodwinds: clarinets, bass clarinets, oboes, bassoons, flutes, piccolos, saxophones


 There are no auditions, but please contact us ahead of time  to make sure we have music prepared for you.

You must be able to read music. 

Concert Band

Attendance at rehearsals is very important. If an excessive amount of rehearsals are missed (without prior consent from the directors), you will not be allowed to perform.

You should have your own instrument. If you don’t have immediate access to an instrument we may be able to help find you a loaner that you may use in the short term.

Again, don’t worry if you have not played in years. We want to make membership in our group a fun musical experience for all levels of playing ability.

E-mail us to join!